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QLD, Australia
QLD, Australia

74 Blackstone road, Eastern Heights QLD

Lived here for a year and a half before the owner decided he wanted to sell the property. If it’s sold as is and not fixed up in any way, don’t live there.

The house has three air conditioners, all... (More)

QLD, Australia

Taraville townhouse complex Calamvale Qld 4116 - avoid!

I’ve been a tenant in one if the townhouses for nearly 12mths, and not one spec of maintenance has been carried out in that time.

The courtyards of all the units are meant to be looked after by the site... (More)

They can't do that as you are on the lease. The only way you can be kicked out is if the real estate agent or landlord terminate you from the lease. The girlfriend isn't even on the lease so she... (More)