Horrible Landlord, greedy by nature. Taking unfair and advantage of any situation.





I have a diplomatic clause for breaching the lease, despite finding him a new customer and offering a win-win scenario with 0 loss where the lease is transferred to a workmate.. he doesn't agree. He in fact wants to force the breach and the penalty.. and expects even us to introduce him to the customer? How I can recommend anyone to this...

Offered many scenarios to ease the visitation, do all our best to assist and help with new tenants.. spent many thousands to clean and improve the home, from a trashcan into a gorgeous place where I replaced all bulbs to RGB wifi LEDs, smart curtains, seeded the graveyard that he has as "backyard".. freshly painted the whole property coz it was absolutely disgusting...

He hides behind an agent and doesn't even provide an address for communication, got to know he actually lives 2 houses next to me... I guess for him is easier to behave in despicable ways and hide behind a curtain of umbrella companies or real estate agents.

In my years renting as expat, this is the worst landlord I ever had... ungrateful, despicable, unfriendly, and a coward... no matter what good u make on his pro.. he will always play on his advantage at your loss whenever he can.

For example.. he had a 10-year-old aircon, broke.. so many troubles to change it...found him a dealer with a low-eco A.C with a great price.. lower than the unit he wanted to buy, but he just wanted to force a 5 year old model to cause me higher cost on the electric bill.

Another of his aircon spoiled water on some of my computers, I needed to bring my insurance to make the report and repair it.. a big argument even for that, to allow my insurance to diagnose the leak and compensate for the damage...

whatever interaction I had with him, he always behaved hostile, and unfriendly... even to replace the IR sensor of one of his broken aircon (50$) was a long argument.. on a 5000$ lease.. unbelievable.

Overall this old man has something wrong up there, karma soon or later will catch him up... wish him a next tenant as nice as him so they can enjoy a good time together.