Would avoid this place if you can.Looked ok at first glance, was in a good location,  reasonably priced and had generous sized bedrooms however had we known about half the problems we would never have signed the lease. 

EX-BROTHEL:  it used to be an illegal brothel so periodically strange men will knock on your door and ask if there are any girls there. 

ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS: Kitchen and bedroom are on the same circuit which will trip if you run two appliances at the same time eg,  a heater in your bedroom and the microwave

LANDLORD: landlord is slow to respond to repairs including very essential repairs.  Has also submitted for development aproval as he owns the properties surrounding it. Is a licensed builder but will attempt all repairs himself including electrical repairs he is not qualified to do and will do the cheapest and laziest job possible. We also had the police/council show up as he was performing illegal demolition and construction on one of his neighbouring properties

NEIGHBOURS: There is a granny flat that can only be accessed via the property. While we lived there the neighbours were very aggressive and appeared paranoid. They would accuse us of spying on them or tampering with their internet and threaten violence. They were personal friends off the landlord so no action was taken against them and eventually we felt unable to use our backyard at all.