I rent this house for a decade until recently, I was a model tenant never missing rent, never had an issue during inspections. 
The owners and realestate are what you’d refer to as slum lords. I am a disabled woman with a disabled toddler. Part of the reason I rented the property was because it had a dishwasher, two years into my lease the dishwasher heating element stopped working. I kept asking for it to be fixed, they refused to fix it saying that the owner was bothered they had to fix the hot water system (it was many decades old and fail entirely) so they wouldn’t ever fix the dishwasher. For 8 years I struggled without it, later I found out it was illegal for them not to do anything. The back yards gate was rusted over and couldn’t be opened, They wouldn’t fix it telling me to live without it. 
The back door lock stops working All the time, they would tell me just to lock the laundry door, once They sent a handy man out and he put the door handle on upside down so it was difficult to use and then of course stopped working..i went the last two years not being able to lock my door in a dangerous suburb.
The slate tiles are unsealed and dangerous. They cracked and break, they wouldn’t do anything to fix them, despite I had to take my baby Son to the doctors and have slate shards removed from his feet and take antibiotics from the infection they caused. 
The silica and grout is missing from the Bathroom which means not only does water get into the walls but you cannot keep the room looking clean as were the old silica was is brown and awful. 
You cannot use the laundry sink as the pipes are not attached, real estate was to lazy to fix.

most of the windows are painted shut. 
The carpets cannot be cleaned, I had professionals in Every year but I think the owners or prior owners had animals as no matter how much cleaning was done they were never clean.

They will do dodgy fixing jobs when you can actually get them there, theyll make the house look even worse than it is and don’t care what squalor your left with. 
The oven is dodgy as it cooks unevenly, the stove lights don’t work, the fan system isn’t installed so it just goes back into the room, the air con/heater leaks so badly I had to keep a bucket under it when it was on. The rats and mice are in the walls every night and chew through the walls.
I wish I could say this was all but there’s so much more. 
Do not rent this house if you are a parent, single woman, over over a certain age. This corner is the most horrific place I have ever known. Everyday alcoholics and drug addicts are at the fence day and night, constant spray painting, glass smashed, they have ripped fence off, and just a few months ago a naked drug addict got on the roof at 3am and it took six police offices three hours to get him off and that man only lives a few doors down. I could never have my son play out the back.

The neighbours across the road with all the cars will keep you up nearly every night with their noise and screaming, countless times they have had the police there. 
Id rather live in my car then ever step foot in that house again and I Thankgod I have been able to buy my own home now.