Landlord did not fix heating for 3 months during winter nor supply heating well ignored my requests 

Did not fix aircon for 2 years living in the place left with it broken

would not reimburse me for a tap I had to get fixed so I could bath my son of $19.70 for the part since my dad is a plumber and did it out of good will after I put a request in for tap to be fixed for 2 months 

would never reply to any communication 

and the real estate ray white Taylor’s lakes is just as bad 

Once’s leaving is demanding to keep the bond and a extra $2056 for apparently damage to the kitchen / lounge wall, window handles broken in kitchen and lounge room windows and a drain broken 

I have the original condition entry report 

and photos when leaving with no damage and the windows intact not broken and the drain was broken in the entry report 

this guy is a con wish me luck at VCAT 

and photos when I left