Lived here for a year and a half before the owner decided he wanted to sell the property. If it’s sold as is and not fixed up in any way, don’t live there.

The house has three air conditioners, all of which are broken and haven’t been cleaned in years. The lounge room one reeks of mold and can actually be seen as the frame is coming off. The owner took no responsibility for any of them. The toilet wall has water retention and is swollen. Water gets into the laundry and toilet walls any time it rains. Speaking of the laundry, the shower in there is disgusting. The wall is wobbly and bends if you touch it and since there are tiles on there, it means they fall off.

The kitchen floor has at least two layers of Lino, torn up and stained. The top layer isnt set down properly and can just be lifted up. The cupboard walls at the oven area do not exist And the heat from the oven seeps into them. The ceiling fan in there is incredibly old and zaps you sometimes when turning it on or off. The owner was made aware and didn’t seem to care.

the paint is peeling and cracking throughout the entire house, it’s stained in many areas and there is constantly small piles of dirt or mold in the corners of rooms. And there is usually a lingering moldy earthy smell in the house. The gutters were so full that the front room actually had water coming theough the ceiling because the water couldn’t run off properly. under The house has junk underneath it, from previous tenants and from pipes getting changed and not removed from under the house. There’s also a tree growing under there, lol.

The owner is currently selling the house and has removed all of the trees and shrubs but that’s about it regarding any fixes or refurbishing. It even claims to be air conditioned, despite none of them working. Hopefully the new owners knock it down, otherwise if they just rent it out after buying it, be aware of all of these issues with the property. Also, people walk through the yard and toss garbage in the garden frequently due to there being no fencing and being so close to bus stops that go to and from schools and the shops.