A bit of background.  I'm actually a property manager myself so all the breaches to legislation is really obvious to me.  I thought it'd be best to let people know what to expect (more like not expect) from this particular agency.

When I moved into this house it was only a month old.  Brand new build, grass overgrown, builders residue still evident throughout, saw dust inside the cabinetry.  You know the usual stuff you get when there's a renovation or new build that's just been finished.

This agent knew from the start what I do for a living and lied from the start.  First lie was that the RBO website was down, no, she prefers to have you pay the bond into her trust account and then sign the bond lodgement form.  Second lie was that the property was professionally cleaned.  If it had been, the grass wouldn't have been knee high, the sawdust would've been cleaned from inside the kitchen cabinets and the floors wouldn't have been covered in footprints.

Within the first couple of days, the towel rail in the main bathroom came off the wall, a light switch was also hanging off the wall, it took her 1 year to fix this light switch.  The towel rail, her handyman (actually her husband) just put the rods back up like we were doing.  The tiled flooring was discovered (by me) to not be sealed.  The owner went for a "matte" finish but the builders forgot to put a seal over the top.  This caused 4.5 years of torture when it came to cleaning the tiles and a sh!t tonne of money in buying mops and sweepers.  This was reported the first week and for the entire time we were there, nothing was done about it.  I told her it was a building defect and she needed to report to the builders, she never did.  The ducted air conditioning doesn't work in the living room at the front of the house.  She'd organised for a contractor to come out the first month to fix it, but they never went into the roof cavity to check that it was all done properly, instead they "cleaned" a clean filter and expected me to pay for this.

Next thing was the ensuite vanity tap, this started leaking about a year into my tenancy there and never fixed.  The internal door from the garage to the house, came off alignment and never fixed.  I had to prop the door with heavy toolboxes to prevent it opening on its own, the screen door from the garage to the backyard had rivets in the top hinge and screws in the bottom.  The rivets snapped, this wasn't fixed by her, I arranged my contractors from work to go out and fix this.

Each routine inspection, all the issues were brought up again and again.  Nothing was done to fix anything.  On top of that, she insisted on doing routine inspections on Sundays, even though legislation doesn't allow us property managers to do this.  Nor does it allow non-emergency maintenance to be done on Sundays either.

In the 4.5 years I lived there, only once was the smoke alarms checked and she claimed that the company doing it was compliant, this first compliance check was done 2021 (I moved in in 2018).  I asked for a compliance certificate which I still haven't received.  Smoke alarm compliance must be done annually.  The contractor again was her husband who she introduces as her "handyman".  She came with him on a Sunday and during this routine inspection, I reported the kitchen mixer becoming loose.  Which means it needs to be replaced.  Again nothing had been done.

So instead of doing maintenance, we were given 90 days notice, which is fine, not phased about having our tenancy terminated, but her need to lie came out again.  During the final inspection, she tells us that the owner has decided to sell the property because they were broke and weren't making money on their other investment, only to find out that they have advertised it for lease again.  Now what I was paying is what the market rate is now.  It's comparable is at $520.00pw and they now are advertising it for $600.00pw.  

If you're reading this and thinking about renting this house.  It is a nice house but it's not worth what they're asking for and it's not worth the stress of having a property manager (who is the licensee in charge of Anna International) not have any maintenance work done at all.

Oh I almost forgot, I did at one point request ceiling fans to be installed in the living areas (there are fans in the bedrooms) and instead of my property manager organising quotes, she asked me to get her a quote on supply and install and as this is a freestanding house with a separate water meter, she will need to provide water compliance as well to be able to oncharge water usage (this legislation came into effect March 2020 and she never did this either).