I rented a 4 bedroom house in Doreen of Victoria in 2018, the property manager at the time was another real estate agent.  First National Infinity Surrey Hills took over managing the property about 12 months after we moved in.  Getting them to reply to emails for maintainance requests was like pulling teeth. The house was brand new but like anything from time to time things pop up.  We paid our rent on time, in fact early most times. We looked after the property like it was our own home kept it clean and tidy.  In April of 2021 we received a notice to vacate as the owner had an intention to sell.  Granted we were issued with a copy of a permission to sale document.  We found a new property and moved out about 6 weeks later.  A week after returning the keys we contacted First National Infinity requesting an update on the return of our bond. They replied by email thanking us for looking after the property so well and agreed to return the bond.  A week later we hadn't heard anything further so we sent another email to First National Infinity. They replied that they couldn't return the bond as the previous agent had not signed the bond over to them, they said they had contacted the RTBA and I just had to wait.  I called the RTBA who told me they had received no request regarding the property from First National Infinity.  When I contacted First National Infinity back to tell them they needed to action the issue urgently they told me they had done their part and the previous agent was to blame. I contacted the previous agent who provided me with a copy of the transfer for the bond to First National Infinity. First National Infinity had not lodged the paperwork with the RTBA.  The bond is now being resolved by the original agent. Please seriously consider if you want to do business (which is what you are doing when you rent with an agent) through this agency as they are lazy, dishonest and don't keep to their responsibilities as property managers.  Oh and 3 weeks after we moved out a for lease sign has been errected at the property.  No it has not yet been sold and they have broken the law!!