We leased a property in Werribee through this agent. They are very slow and often have constant staffing changes. They don't answer the phones, they don't return calls or emails. When we had a safety inspection, they identified the gas stove was incorrectly and dangerously installed, and that the switchboard was grossly overdue for an upgrade. When we moved in the "supposed brand new" evaporative cooler was non functioning and just filled/drained all the water before failing. 

When they finally got the "approval from the owner" to repair the badly installed gas system, I ended up being a primary close contact (a covid positive person at my workplace) and we notified both the agent and the service company. The service company called to clarify some things and ask when we were "expected to be released from home detention" and were really nice about it. The agent didn't even reply, despite multiple emails following things up.

The minute I forgot to send the rental payment, I got bombarded with emails demanding immediate payment but when you wanted something, pure radio silence. When we decided we were going to move, the agent triggered their "annual renewal" and we got BOMBARDED with emails every 4 hours demanding we resign the lease. Then when we found a place we liked, the new agent struggled to reach the agent for the standard reference check (multiple calls, emails all gone unresponsive).

They are just useless and don't care in the slightest.

So glad we're no longer renting through Fletchers Wyndham.