Be aware of this person and his place.

The owner seemed like a normal person when you see him at the inspection, messaging etc, however, on the date I moved in, I told him I'll probably be there at 2 pm then I arrived at 2:20 pm due to the weather condition. He opened the door with the unpleasant face and stared at me said why you're late? I said sorry I was packing my stuff up and it's raining then he refused to listen to me and insisted that I'm the wrong person to live with (even thought we hadn't even lived together) and asked me to leave the place, in the meantime calling his friend in front of me and humiliated me. 2 week bond and rent had been paid in advance but he refused to hand me the keys and repeated that this is my place and I don't wanna live with you, you have to leave. I was too naive to call the police or search for help immediately but left the place. I contacted him the next day and asked for refund as it's impossible for me to go back to the place then he replied that I was the person who chose to leave so he won't pay me back. Eventually he refunded the rent but not my bond so I lost nearly $600. I tried searching for help like fair trading, the police but no one can help me due to certain reasons they gave.

All of these happened in December before Christmas 2020.

Now he's looking for a flatmate again, please be aware of this person - Shane Cooke, 11/9 Nickson St Surry Hills.