Lived in a property for well over a year, I took great care of the place despite the unfinished Reno and locked out of the houses storage (basement) due to the owners stuffing rubbish in there. Had to deal with the owners (not their contractors) constantly coming over to fix the house up with dodgy cladding, drainage etc. Never late with rent.

Come November we get told by the real estate that they’re selling the place (owners lost a sub divide proposal). We start looking for a new place but the real estate assured us “not to worry, we’re perfect tenants and the people they’re looking to sell to are investors so they’d keep us on”. We didn’t trust them either because the open homes were awfully managed (shit got stolen, lights left on in storage we’re locked out of etc). They tell us the place was sold but not to worry as it was an investor. Wait a few more weeks and then chase them up for confirmation then get told (just before christmas) that they’re moving in so here‘s an eviction notice. Super obvious that they’d been lying to us all the time to make sure we didn’t find a new place sooner. 

Icing on the cake was that despite telling us that they were fighting to get us a rent reduction for the huge inconvenience from the twice a week open homes we dealt with, owner hadn’t been contacted. I had to fight tooth and nail with them for a measly rent reduction because they had gotten less than what they wanted for selling the place and took it out on the tenants. 

By far the worst experience with real estate to date with every agent there, from top to bottom, being the rudest, most incompetent “professional” ever. 

Avoid at all cost