I’ve been a tenant in one if the townhouses for nearly 12mths, and not one spec of maintenance has been carried out in that time. 

The courtyards of all the units are meant to be looked after by the site manager (who incidentally doubles as the property manager for some of the tenanted properties such as mine) with regular mowing etc as part if the overall care of the complex. It wasn’t mown from July to December 2021. 
(and before anyone suggests I should’v done it myself, a portion if my rent fee goes towards the courtyard maintenance, I have mobility issues and no access to a mower capable of reaching the entire yard).

We now have a rodent in the house which has caused damage to a couple of the doors trying to get out a few nights ago. Because the yard was so overgrown my poor puppy met something in the jungle and got very sick for several days (facial swelling, a golf call sized lump in his throat, lots of expelling from both ends, it was horrible).

When I moved in there was only 2 smoke alarms in the house - with stickers on them clearly nothing they were to have been replaced in 2012. There was a dead dishwasher sitting in the garage as well we several broken blinds which took three months for them to finally remove, and only because I agitated the whole time (it should not take three months to clean up things that should’ve been done as part of the exit clean for prior occupants). I should note that there wasn’t a bond clean or pest inspection completed before I moved in - I’ve never seen so many living cockroaches if it had been.

They now want to hike the rent up from $415/wk to $450/wk if a new tenant came on board - because other units are renting for this, and this unit is one of the biggest courtyards and in good condition. But I could pay $430 if I sign for another 12mths, or $440 if only 6mths. 
Suffice to say I shan’t be renewing for any length of time, despite the absolute BS that is the Queensland/SEQ rental market at the moment. 

It’s a nice location, and if the units and complex were properly looked after with regular maintenance (I forgot to mention it’s meant to be gated but they’ve been broken more than 2/3 of the time I’ve been here and have been broken since 2wks before Christmas this time) I’d stay. 

The site/property manager is lazy and when I reached out to the body corporate for help 3mths in and they passed on to the owner I received a threatening email telling me not to contact the owner and not try to wriggle out of my legal obligation to pay a break lease fee (note that at no point had I EVER indicated I wanted to break my lease).


Don’t move here, folks. It’s utterly disgusting how no one cares.