Been here 2 years. Until a few months ago,RE was great. Did all repairs, even minor ones very fast. But now they push back on, and reject urgent repairs. They rejected to fix the hot water system that suddenly dropped from a 100min supply to a 10min supply and has stayed this way for weeks. 


I can't wash my hair, or shave. I'm disabled and struggle with mobility and temperature regulation. This is so incredibly unacceptable. 


Ive had to apply to VCAT just to get them to fix it, but they threaten to make me pay if nothing is found to be wrong, even though there clearly is, I didn't dream being able to have long showers or both my housemate and I being able to shower on the same day. 


Now there's only enough hot water for one of us to shower per day. 


The list of repairs is lengthy:

Hot water 

Flickering lights 

Insects getting in from outside making the bedroom patio unusable 

Shower becoming a bath within a few minutes despite unclogging the drain after every shower (has been this way since we moved in)

People from upstairs parking in the parking space we pay for 



I'm so over it all. If this is how they behave I don't doubt they will try to take my full bond.