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Asked a question last year

Anyone know the minimum notice the real estate can give you for a routine inspection in NSW? Every other time I have been given 3-4 weeks’ notice. This time I have been 1 week.

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If you consent to the entry, there is no minimum notice, and they can enter the premises at any time. But only if you consent to that.

Without your consent, the real estate or rental owner must provide the following minimum notice:

  • To inspect the property: 7 days written notice, 7 extra days if notice is posted to you.
  • Non-urgent repairs: 2 days’ notice.
  • To value the property: 7 days’ notice.
  • To take photos for advertisement: ‘Reasonable’ notice and ‘Reasonable’ time for you to move your belongings out of camera view.
  • To show new renters: ‘Reasonable’ notice.
  • To show buyers: Before first showing, 14 days written notice of their intention to sell. After that, 48 hours’ notice. Please note: this does not include open homes, where anybody (not just buyers) can walk in off the street. An ”open home” is something you can decline outright.

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