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Asked a question last year

Hi All, I have just realised that my property is not water efficient, am I able to ask for the money back from previous water bills that I have paid that should never have been passed on for me to pay? NSW

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For this one I had a chat with @Leo Patterson Ross47 of the Tenants‘ Union of NSW53 and the simple answer is that the rental provider had an obligation at the beginning of the lease to provide a water efficient service in the home.

The fact you’ve already paid the bills does not release them from this obligation and means that the charges were not required to be paid under the Act and Tenancy Agreement.

To get the excess charges returned to you and to advise them you won’t be paying any water usage charges going forward, you’ll first need to put the request in writing to the rental provider giving them 14 days to resolve.

If they don’t comply and 14 days has passed, you’ll need to go NCAT198 to have orders made in your favour and see your money eventually returned.