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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hi I recently moved to a property which is directly through the owner. Before we moved I told the owner that we have a dog and he was fine with it. When I signed the contract that day I saw that there are no dogs allowed in the building. I told the owner to check this situation with the manager, he said manager is fine all good. After we moved, I took my dog for a walk and the manager finds out the we have a dog. He told me that the dogs are not allowed in the building, I told him to talk to the owner. So the manager told us to either move from the property or give your dog away. Why would I give away my dog because of these people. Now we are stuck.. any suggestions what can we do. It took me 3 months to find this property and also the apartment is at 3 floor and there is no lift in the building. Thanks

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that really sucks and so unfair on you and your pet dog.........never ever make nor accept verbal agreements even when recorded, always keep a paper trail, this place sounds like strata they can be real nightmare and expensive as well, strata laws in nsw have been updated to allow tenants top keep pets and i think landlords or strata management cannot refuse but as its new there are no legals cases to base things on legally...........i have never lived in a property with lift i could only wish  i have always taken 3 months to find properties even really bad ones..........this landlord only told you can have a dog to appease you so that even if you move away he hopes to keep your strata managemen fee, 2 weeks advance rent and bond, i think he never spoke to the manager and as i always say "if one cannot not be trusted with the small thing in the beginning why would i trust them with big things later on"............speak to the manager yourself and bring a confidante with you its vital also to take notes if youre in nsw or another state where the law states that strata cannot resonably refuse a tenant from keeping a pet then you should be able to keep your pet because he purposefully mislead you (though its verbal so won't be counted as evidence) or if the strata managements rules conflict with with landlords speak with tenants union to figure out which rules hold precedence and if he is disobeying strata rules he might get fined by strata...................instinctively i think this guy is real snake and he will screw you over on the future for as many things possible and with strata theres so many convoluted rules he can make stuff up about even non strata homes the real estates make stuff up and hide evifence no stop so you spent alot of money to move house but with a snake i think your likely to lose multiples times the money spent intially