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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hi, Im a 21 year old female. No rental history as have been living with my partner for over 3 years. We are seperating and i need to find a place, any tips on how to get approved. I can afford up to 500 per week, but do have a 4 year old labrador. Any advice ?? Im in nsw.

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Kindness costs nothing ...

The best advice I can give you is ... be honest. 

Tell the agent that you're moving on your own for the first time. Offer a pet bond and give a pet resume. If you can, offer a couple of months rent upfront and even consider a guarantor (like a parent, or your boss). 

Have your applications complete. Don't miss any sections. Provide good references. Because you can't provide rental ones, provide one from your boss, neighbours showing you're a quiet person and that your dog isn't a nuisance etc. Even a reference from your doctor saying how long he's known you can help. 

Just be honest, respectful, dress nicely and use your manners. First impressions count! 

Good luck 🙂

Did the real estate/PM know you were living there? 
Did you contribute towards the rent? 

If they know the above the PM may be willing to provide you a reference or even assist you in finding somewhere. 

i was having similar problems finding a rental. Then when I included a cover letter with some phot of my dog with my children I was approved for the next application. You may need to consider if animals are allowed inside or only outside. most only allows outside animals but offer a compromise if yours is inside, that he will only be on hard floors and not on carpet areas.


I do have a rental history and a good one at that (apart from one that let's just say the owner was a nasty woman) I have 2 cats & a dog, I was finding it difficult to get approved for places also (SA here) I added a cover letter addressed to the owner/landlord that talked about, my recent split from my partner, my animals and my quiet lifestyle and i also provided proof of savings that showed I had plenty of money to afford to live in the place I was applying for. I have found the cover letter has been a great help, let them know your a worker, your not a party animal/live a quiet life and that your dog is well behaved and be honest if they are inside/outside too, most only allow outside pets. After doing up my cover letter I got approved for 3 places in the same week and had my choice. Also personal references help too.

Good luck, its tough out there at the moment!