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Deborah Weisz
Renting for 25 years
Asked a question last year

Is videoing our vacating inspection with property manager in attendance admissible at NCAT if needs be? Central Coast NSW. Thanks,

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I am also on the Central Coast and told this same thing, but in an email (it's in writing then) I contacted the  CCTAAS (Central Coast tenants advice and advocacy service. Every renter should have their number, they answered and helped with all our agency problems, Pictures/videoing IS ALLOWED ( do not video the inspection person, but video away to your heart's content at your inspection this is allowed under NSW law. Our agent is going to be reported to the Tribunal because of a number of illegal moves on her part to many renters. Us having her refusal to allow videoing or pictures in writing is evidence of what she does against the rules. in NSW if the agent tells you NO pictures or Video, you simply respond " according to the NSW TAAS )your area mine would be CCTAAS it is legal and if you disallow it please put that in writing.

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