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Asked a question last year

It's been more than a month since I moved out of my house and I still don't have a bond refund. When should I expect the bond refund?

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You should always claim the bond back as soon as you have handed back the keys, and you can do that easily through Rental Bonds Online278.

This forces the real estate company or rental owner to act right away, because they'll only get 14 days to object to the refund being issued.

If they object, they must provide a copy of the completed condition report and copies of estimates / quotes / receipts for anything they are claiming within 7 days of making that claim.

If you agree with the claims they will get that part of the refund.

If you don't, they will need to take the matter to NCAT321.

By lodging your refund request immediately (and if you still haven't done that at this time of asking, you should do it now) you make sure progress of your bond refund is managed efficiently and doesn't end up dragging on for unreasonable amounts of time.