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Asked a question 2 months ago

Maintenace timeframe question:- Hi, how long do you guys generally give before following up on a non-urgent maintenance request? I put in a request a month ago about my aircon not cooling very well, and the outside unit making double clicking noises. The RE responded the same day saying that they forwarded it to the owner. Do owners need to fix this type of thing within a particular time frame? In Qld. (And yes, the filters have been cleaned)

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Hi I’m also renting in Qld and non urgent repairs here are meant to be fixed within a ‘reasonable time’. I think after one month you should have had contact from your agent, if not a repair/service carried out if needed. I would definitely have followed up 7 days after I sent the first email. Watch your electricity bill as a loss in efficiency can cause higher than normal electric bills. Hope this helps 

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