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Asked a question 11 months ago

NSW. I have rented a rural property for roughly 2 1/2yrs about 6 months in had septic issues. They attempted to repair this about 5 months later which was April 2020. They promised it would get fixed soon. This resulted in it being even worse. The septic started going towards the dam and up my driveway. I was too scared to complain as I know I would get kicked out. So waited. Then they told me 2 months ago the owner doesn't have money to repair it. (The owner owns over 1000acres and at least 4 houses). So I contacted verto for advice who forwarded me a template to send for urgent repairs to be carried out, so I did. The real estate agent called me and abused me over it. The council then done routine inspections and issued a non compliance order a couple of weeks ago. So I got a phone call today saying when my lease ends at the beginning of next year I have been terminated. I contacted Verto and they advised I move out as I can't prove it's retaliation. Any advise?? Attached are photos of he septic we were promised would be repaired but never were so now being kicked out.

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