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Asked a question last year

QLD - Australia. I am living with housemates. And there seems to be a bit of a hierarchy starting. Me and housemate 1 Originally signed the lease. Housemate 2 who is a neutral party moved in and is on the lease. Housemates 1 gf moved in but is not on the lease. Housemate 1. And his gf, are trying to give me a 4 weeks notice for forgetting to lock a door. Either that or the option to stay but hand in my keys and only to come and leave as they are home. Can they kick me out? Can I kick her out as she is not on the lease? Can they take my keys off me? What are my rights?

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They can't do that as you are on the lease. The only way you can be kicked out is if the real estate agent or landlord terminate you from the lease. The girlfriend isn't even on the lease so she can't do a thing to have you removed. As for housemate 1 he can't have you removed either. Stand up to them and show them you won't be pushed around by them. They certainly cannot dictate you hand the keys in and only come and go when they are home. They are delusional if they think they can do that to you. You have every right to retain a set of keys to the property and there's nothing they can do about it. Seems they just want you out and are using whatever way they can to force you out.