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How to redeem Credits?

Each month, we review all the redemptions received and will send money via PayPal in accordance with the following payout structure:

1 Credit = $1 AUD
LESS 30% Platform Commission

Why do we charge a 30% Platform Commission? Well, as you can imagine – it takes a lot of time and money to run our community, grow our community, and pay the platform and PayPal bills. When we can do all these things, it benefits everyone in our community. This includes you.

We charge the Platform Commission at the time of redemption, so once you have redeemed your Credits for real cash, you'll know exactly how much real cash you'll receive. Here is a breakdown of the Credit cost for each possible redemption denomination:

$20 AUD PayPal Credit - 26 Credits
$50 AUD PayPal Credit - 65 Credits
$100 AUD PayPal Credit - 130 Credits

$20 AUD
26 Credits
$20 AUD PayPal Deposit
$50 AUD
65 Credits
$50 AUD PayPal Deposit
$100 AUD
130 Credits
$100 AUD PayPal Deposit