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NSW, Australia
NSW, Australia
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148 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW

I lasted 4 weeks in this warehouse conversion before having to break lease. There are very bad soundproofing issues here. My apartment was on level 1.

Be prepared to hear every sound from your neighbours, both upstairs and on the... (More)

A renters guide to living your best life in a dodgy Harris street apartment from an even dodgier LL

This 1 bedroom apartment is on the top floor of 313 Harris st in Pyrmont. The female landlord has the same name as a German car brand. Much like a used car saleswoman, this woman is SLICK and will present... (More)

You should always claim the bond back as soon as you have handed back the keys, and you can do that easily through Rental Bonds Online142.

This forces the real estate company or rental owner to act right away,... (More)

There are very specific laws in place to protect tenants against LL/RE retaliation evictions. There has been several amendments made to the NSW residential tenancies act recently which you can now rely on should they choose to push this with... (More)