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NSW, Australia
NSW, Australia
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Dodgy Real Estate Agent - Anna Zhao of Anna International - Managing Agent for 11 Taranga St Gledswood Hills 2557

A bit of background. I'm actually a property manager myself so all the breaches to legislation is really obvious to me. I thought it'd be best to let people know what to expect (more like not expect) from this particular... (More)

Who has told you that you need to be outside?

  1. A Trades Person - You should follow the directions of any qualified trades person, as an expert their advice is worth heeding.
  2. NCAT - If you have received orders from... (More)

Network Australian Real Estate

This company has tried to illegally bill me for electricity and water for the property that I am renting at 13 Telopea Avenue Homebush West NSW, when there is a granny flat that is also on this property, but is... (More)