Do not, under any circumstances rent a property under this company. One particular rental agent is an actual nightmare, one google review described her as "the devil". It isn't worth it. Being homeless is legitimately better than dealing with these people, and this particular rental agent. She also manages 43D Barnes Street and when that tenant was leaving he described her as a "tyrant". 

1) When the property was burgled in 2021 into due to the doors not meeting minimum security standard, you can guarantee they were trying to gaslight me into believing the doors with only 1 weak lock somehow met the minimum standards that all external doors need a deadbolt, deadlock or proper security door. 

2) They do not respond to your emails about things like trade people randomly showing up at your house or on your roof!

3) I rented this home for over 2 years and she requested all sorts of ridiculous things including, all furniture must be 2 inches away from the walls so she could see potential damage and I couldn't have my board games on top of a cupboard because she needed to "check" for upper wall mold. 

4) The final rental inspection is a nightmare, she has taken photos of dust or old grout, like attached, and wants to force me to pay for a cleaner to get rid of these non-issues. I have attached 6 photos out of the 144 she sent me from the final rent inspection. Do you see any issues besides some sand from the outside? NEITHER DO I! They are insisting the house is unacceptably dirty from images like this. These houses were built in 1999, this company does not understand what normal wear and tear is. I have the rental photos from when I moved in to show the place is cleaner or as clean as when I moved in. I have been emailing the property agent in question and the manager of the reality place, with no response from the manager. The property manager is rude in her dealings with me (as she always has been), and is refusing to provide any actual details around what specifically needs to be cleaned besides specs of dust. I already paid for professional carpet cleaners from their recommended company, yet she has problems with the carpet not being cleaned too.

AVOID AVOID AVOID! I have rented two properties with different companies previously, this one is by far the worst in WA!!!