Sabina Applecross is a development by property company Finbar. The apartment building is 28 floors, which means that upper floors have amazing views of the city and the location is ideal - not far from Canning Bridge station and near buses and an IGA. Here the niceties end. 

Rent is very expensive for an apartment that is quite average to poor build quality. The walls are thin and the floor uneven and buckling. Material quality is of the cheapest kind and the corridor walls outside the apartments aren't even straight and level! 

The worst thing is the security; many thefts over the past year or so, ranging from stolen bikes (including mine), to motorbikes and car break-ins, as well as multiple storage units being raided by people who have theived from the building before (and are known to Finbar!). The level of concern from Finbar is low - apparently "storage units are not meant to be secure"! 

Plenty of facilties issues: the sauna unit stopped working and hasn't been replaced (apparently too hard). The lifts sometimes stop working in high winds. The whole place roars like a 737 taking off when the wind gets above 50 kph (which is much of the time in Perth). This morning, the gas hot water system in the building went down and apparently won't be fully operational for a day or two so hey! Cold showers. 

Building management is more concerned with telling people to not hand washing on their balconies because apparently that's more of a threat than the appalling security.