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Anthony updated a day ago

8 Carol Drive, Para Hills SA 5096

In this property you share a wall with the landlord and his family.
He is abusive, aggressive and threatening. I fell a little bit behind in rent due to covid and lockdown and not being able to work and he... (More)


14 Nicholsdale Road, Camberwell, VIC

Avoid this property.


It's a beautiful property, with large functional spaces. Lots of effort to maintain original natural look of the property.

Nice large kitchen

Quiet street in nice area

Cons: The property has a lot of problems -... (More)


I am also on the Central Coast and told this same thing, but in an email (it's in writing then) I contacted the CCTAAS (Central Coast tenants advice and advocacy service. Every renter should have their number, they answered and... (More)