I have made an application to VCAT for compensation. Both my property manager and landlord are at fault. I found mains cable running.from my house to the garage that only the landlord could access. He was using my power. After i was evicted at start of stage 4 lockdown, property manager only allowed me 1.5 days to collect all my belongings. I left alot of furniture and personal documents and needed to clean for final inspection. The law did say that Property managers could travel past the 5km radius for purpose of leaving keys for tenants for final clean up and final inspection. My property manager rufused saying he had to wait till lockdown ended. I emailed after lockdown asking when i can collect  my possessions, he replied 2 months later saying that the owners had disposed of everything. I explained that it was illegal as correct procedures weren't followed. He said he was no longer assosiated with the property.  Last month i asked for a copy of final inspection report. It took 2 weeks to send it. It wasnt.done against the entry condition report and not dated. It was a typed word document. When asked what date it was done and by whom all he said.was i think mid AUG.2020. The exit condition report must be done against the entry condition report yes? Among the documents disposed of was my entry.condition report with alot of photos, and all my receipts from every purchase ive made from APR 19-JUL 20. As well as photos birth certificates and a lot of furniture. The property manager has also told me that a police report was made because he thinks i.broke into the property. I called VIC police and tbey said there was nothing in the system.with my name. I feel im entitled to compensation, but im more disturbed about how this property manager has lied and manipulated the situation.