The property itself its livable, but it is not worth the price and its not worth the issues with the front café.

There is a mold problem, but not very much of an issue if you leave your windows open constantly. There are huge cracks on the skirting and there is a underground ventilator that needs to run half the day to keep the foundation dry.

The carpets are old and the kitchen is new, but you can hear everything that happens in the cafe through the blocked door in the kitchen that connects both properties. Pets are allowed and the location is very good.

The water system is shared with the café, found that out one evening when there was no water because the café was having works done. Not sure if the water meter is separate.

The light board of the house is inside the cafe's bathroom. You cannot access it from the house. RE initiall  said the residence was the one with the key to the door that leads to the light board, but it is the café who has it.

Café owner also insists his bins have to be in the house's drive way and that he has to go through the outside corridor of the house (where all the windows are) and through the garage (with your personal belongings inside) to access the driveway. Café owner insists he has the keys to all the doors in this path.

Many times the bins will overflow and the driveway gate won't open. There is trash left on the driveway as well and cafe staff never cleans it. 

Real Estate is completely unresponsive. It may take months to get an answer IF you get an answer. They also seem always unsure about who has the rights to access parts of the property, so the café owner and the resident of the house may have different views of who is in their rights.