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Asked a question 5 months ago

DONT TRUST ARGY PROPERTY REAL ESTATE - HELP?? Issues with "Argy Property" real estate need advice.... I signed a lease for a unit in Marrickville (for 10th July) upon arriving found extremely dirty kitchen, bathroom and things left over from last tenants. The taps weren't on wall in the shower and looked like blood stain on the bathroom floor. Place looked like it had water damage as there was mould in the kitchen and wood rot in the cupboards. I complained immediately and asked for a condition report and sent them photos. Argy Property gave every excuse to not be blamed for there poor management and claiming that i shouldnt have signed the lease if i didnt like it..... I had actually applied for a different room through these people.... they told me it was unavailable but this room was free.... while i did have a quick look at the room, there were workers in there so I couldn't look properly and assumed things were being fixed..... they then got the landlord to contact me... ISNT THIS THEIR JOB? landlord wasn't happy and not a nice person. I asked why it wasn't fixed..... lots of excuses with contractor. I then go back to real estate asking why I wasn't informed... all they could say was oh that they didn't know, not there fault??.... isnt the job of a property manager to... manage the property??? I want all money back I don't trust these people. They want me to leave a key at the property so the contractor can fix and have offered me $100 off of week of rent to cover cleaning cost..... What do I do???

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