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Asked a question last year

Hi All, I have a rental/bond question that I was hoping anyone might be able to put my very anxious mind at ease about. I finished a lease last week, did the outgoing condition report inspection with the real estate agent and he signed his copy and my copy, and off we went. I went home and applied for the bond refund. This evening I've received a text from the RE Agent saying he is having an inspection with the owners tomorrow to review the condition and they will then approve the release of my bond. We've both signed off on the outgoing condition report, can he really make a claim to keep the bond after he's signed off on the report? I will call the tenancy union tomorrow, but I just wanted to put my anxious little mind at ease tonight so I can actually sleep. Appreciate it!

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I don’t believe they can do that. If they try, they will need to make a claim against you at tribunal and you can present the signed condition report as evidence