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Asked a question last year

My landlord has given me an eviction for rent arrears. However, these arrears have been raised because the entire rental ledgers entries are incorrect. Every rent payment date is written 2 days earlier than its really due and my payment dates are entered every time as being a day or two days sometimes even more than that later than I actually did pay the rent. I'm talking over 105 days in error. The landlord simply refuses to acknowledge that the rental ledger is completely incorrect, its the middle of a lockdown and she's gunning for my bond. I should also mention that the place has had significant improvements made by me at my expense and with the landlords approval while living here also. I have spend in excess of $5000 on improvements on it and now I'm facing NCAT with a dodgy rental ledger as evidence and the landlord refusing to accept any payment plan from me for the "arrears" too. Oh and against my rent receipts from my bank I am actually only a little over a week behind at this moment. I don't want to stay on now regardless because of how underhanded the land lord is. How should I best handle this situation? Please help, I'm losing sleep over this!!

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Take her to the Tribunal.