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Asked a question 29 days ago

Hi guys, has anyone dealt with a leaking apartment and mould? I’m not sure how we can get it tested? Our apartment has been leaking and we’ve had blowers but I think there is mould. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers Emily. also we rent in Qld

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Hi Emily, 

I have experienced mould in a rental. 
a building biologist can help with testing. 
PHJ Services at Burleigh can do rudimentary testing and offers other services by way of drying the place out etc . Ph: 0755207733

if you want more detailed testing for instance if you are experiencing health issues from the mould or need to prove to owners the seriousness of the situation then Ecolibria is the place to contact. 1300326542

There’s hundreds of thousand of species of fungi/mould, about 6 of them are toxigenic.

if you develop allergies (not experienced before) or out of season then there is a chance your mould is not the garden variety. 
good luck and if you need more info regarding the health impact i can help with that.  


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