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Asked a question 10 months ago

Do I have grounds for a retaliation eviction? My LL broke lease on at least 4 occasions in the past 2 weeks and made a fuss about "issues" that have only happened since illegally gaining entry to the property. I Contacted the RE and told them I was going to seek assistance with my rights as i received a call stating that if my house inspection wasn't perfect, I'd get a 14 day notice. Now since I'd sent that email, I've received a 30 day termination in response. Its vindictive and deplorable what is happening. And im beyond stressed. Now I will have a bad reference in a housing crisis! What can I do.... NSW.

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There are very specific laws in place to protect tenants against LL/RE retaliation evictions. There has been several amendments made to the NSW residential tenancies act recently which you can now rely on should they choose to push this with you. Gather every single piece of evidence you have to validate your version of events, save copies of every email between the parties (you, LL, RE) screenshot all texts between the parties, find out if there are any witnesses to the illegal entry to your rental property. Get in touch with Redfern Legal Centre, as they can offer you free legal advice over the phone for tenancy matters.

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